USPS International Shipment Tracking

Today it is commonplace to buy all kinds of consumer products on foreign sites, such as iphones, laptops or clothes.
It is true that some products are much cheaper in China, Spain, India or the United States, but sometimes there are a few small drawbacks that you should be aware of before buying abroad …
Whether it is through Ebay, other trading platforms or online shops, once the order is paid, you will have to wait from one to six weeks to be delivered, with sometimes a passage through customs and a painful arrival!
If you are waiting for a parcel from abroad, outside the European Union, here are some elements of the answer to allow you to wait in peace …
Stay calm!
Yes, it is true, waiting for a parcel without having any information on its path is a real mental torture. This is what the parcels are used for or “Registered parcel”!
The problem is that you have to choose your mode of dispatch at the time of the order, among several proposals, of the most at least fast:
USPS Express Mail International (EMI)
USPS Priority Mail International
USPS First Class Mail International
The Express parcels are relayed to the French border by Chronopost, while the other two types of shipments are processed by Colissimo. The first one being the fastest and most reliable of course …
The USPS First Class Mail International packages do not have any follow-up or warranty. It is therefore better to avoid this mode of delivery, except for small shipments without value.

USPS Express Mail International

For an Express parcel, count 5 to 10 working days between the date of dispatch and the date of delivery, provided that the shipper has attached all the customs documents in a transparent pouch affixed to the outside of the parcel.


On arrival, the Express parcels are almost systematically verified and taxed by French customs, in particular for any declared value greater than about 250 USD.


Account for 30 to 35% of the market value of your parcel for items corresponding to a VAT rate of 19.6% (VAT + Customs duties + Freight forwarder’s file fee).


Taxes and duties are to be paid at the time of delivery.


Priority Mail International

This shipping mode is a little cheaper than the previous one and also benefits from the tracking service but it is mostly less fast, sometimes see much less fast!


Here, the deadlines are given only as an indication and it will take between 1 and 6 weeks between the time your parcel has been shipped and the one where it will arrive at destination!


Thus, some packages will be delivered in 10 days, others in about 2 weeks and sometimes, some parcels only arrive after one or two months. More rarely, they never arrive or are returned to their sender because of the absence of customs documents …


In addition, as with the Express, you can expect to have to pay taxes and customs duties at the delivery of your international parcel!


Internet Monitoring

To find out where your packages are, you can use the following Web sites, by equipping your tracking number or tracking number:

USPS Mobile App

USPS Tracking Mobile App

Download USPS Tracking Mobile app for free to track your every parcel or post on the go using your smartphone.

usps tracking mobile

Track Your Post anytime and anywhere

Use The USPS Tracking ™ tool to monitor the state of consignments sent using Priority Mail Express ™, certified Mail ®, and certain other delivery Features. You can address your shipment a nickname and save it in the app to easily keep tabs on your items.

usps tracking mobile 2

Available for IOS or Android

Calculate the rates to determine how much postage will require when you mail a letter, large envelope, or package, card. Now you can prefer online or retail pricing, add any additional services you want, and view the total as well.

usps tracking mobile 3

Schedule Pick up from Home or Office

Schedule a next-day pickup and have your Letter Carrier pick up Priority Mail ®, Priority Mail Express ™, Global Express Guaranteed ®, or merchandise returns freight from your home or office during regular mail delivery.

We like to buy online, because we can do it at any time, without leaving the house and with more variety of prices or offers, plus we can access all kinds of items no matter where they are, without queuing and without having to carry them. Of course, when we buy online we like to keep track of the shipment, knowing which transport company will bring us the purchase, which is the estimated date for delivery, where the shipment goes or if there will be any delay in the process. To cover this task, I will recommend our tracking service that is known as USPS Tracking Service.

We are not always in front of a computer screen to keep track of the shipments, and there are times we need to bring it into detail. True is that Android can access the web, and no problem follow the same process, but it will always be better an application is to control that process. With having the order number, in most cases, we can control everything from our Android.

Tracking Tool for USPS is a free tool to check the status of shipments sent using Priority Mail Express, certified mail, and certain other delivery services. For users who are using their Android phone, they also know where their shipments are, when their shipments are arrived and can check every time, everywhere without limited.