Parcel Tracking and Package Tracking System

What is a scheduled frequency?

A programmed frequency is a specific day or days in which deliveries are made to difficult-to-access populations.

What time will my shipment be delivered?

In the following day, 2 days and terrestrial services the delivery schedule is open, from 9:00 to 18:00 hrs, or Check it on
Services 9:30 and 11:30 must be delivered no later than the time the name indicates.

I don’t have the guide number, can you track my shipment by sender’s name?

No, the system only allows two options to track a shipment by usps tracking: by guide number or by tracking code.

Why is there no information on my shipment?

The tracking code is probably wrong.
They haven’t deposited it in a post office yet.
It is not yet registered in the system.

My shipment has arrived in the destination city and it is urgent. Can I pick you up at your offices?

For the control and safety of the shipments, the delivery process cannot be altered. If the shipment has already arrived in the destination city, wait for delivery in the time that corresponds to the contracted service.

Shipments are delivered to the post office only when the shipper so requested when hiring the service, or when the shipment could not be delivered to the addressee’s home after two delivery attempts.

Work and there is no one to receive my package, can you send it to my office or to another address?

In accordance with our delivery process, we must deliver the shipment at the address indicated by the sender. If after two visits the shipment could not be delivered, then the recipient may ask to be delivered to the post office that he or she prefers.

Today they passed to my home to give me a shipment, but there was no one to receive it. Can I pick you up at your office?

According to our delivery process, tomorrow we must make a second attempt to deliver to your home. If it is not possible to deliver the shipment, you can pick it up at the post office that tells us from the day after tomorrow and for a period of 5 working days.

Why was my shipment not delivered if I wrote the correct address?

Probably missing references or street numbering is not consecutive and is scattered or not specified if it has to be delivered in an interior, floor, area or department.

Why does it appear that my shipment was not delivered by a demonstration, if where I live there was no recorded?

Sometimes a demonstration seriously unhinges the transit and delays the operation of a delivery route. This is probably what happened with your shipment, so the delivery will take place until the next business day.

Why does it appear that I do not live at home if I am here every day?

You may duplicate the number of your address on the street or the sender did not specify that it be delivered to an interior or department.

My package came open, should I get it?

Yes, you need to receive it and verify that its contents are complete; If not, you must communicate the same day to the 01 800 courier (37 82 33 82) to report this situation.

How many delivery visits do you perform?

Two delivery attempts are made at the addressee’s home. If the shipment cannot be delivered on the second visit, the recipient can pick it up for the next five days at the most convenient post office.

The shipment was requested at home and appears as service occurs. What can I do?
Verify that the postal code does not correspond to a forced happen; If not, request expedite delivery by raising a tracking order on the portal or at 01 800 post (37 82 33 82)

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