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Innovative technology creates the conditions for the future of mobile connectivity

At the Mobile World Congress, Huawei has introduced the first commercial terminal with Huawei 5g of customer Premises Equipment (CPE), which supports the globally recognized 3GPP telecommunications standard for 5g. The device sets a milestone for Huawei to…

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What health problems or diseases affect women in different ways than men?

Some health problems that are common in both women and men affect women in different ways. While symptoms may be similar, the effects of the disease and the necessary care may be significantly different for women. In addition,…

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Parcel Tracking and Package Tracking System

What is a scheduled frequency? A programmed frequency is a specific day or days in which deliveries are made to difficult-to-access populations. What time will my shipment be delivered? In the following day, 2 days and terrestrial services…

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